MIT Sloan Photo Library

About the Photo Library

The Office of Communications is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved photo library. Our goal is to feature only the best professionally shot images for use by the MIT Sloan Community. These images have been curated and visually organized into an improved, user-friendly format. We will continue to add to this collection so the images you need are fresh and up-to-date.

What is a lightbox?

Once you find a few images you’re interesting in using, we suggest always saving them to a lightbox. A lightbox is a fancy word for a digital photo album. Once you save your favorite images to a lightbox, you can share them with others. Your lightbox allows you to take some time to review the images, compare the images, share them with your team, and examine them thoroughly before downloading the hi-res files. It also enables you to quickly share your lightbox images with the photo library administrators for support and permission questions.

Search Tips

Use deliberate search text criteria for best results. For example, when searching specifically for a faculty member such as Andrew Lo, search for just the person’s last name. This will narrow your search results.

In general:

  • Search by last name only (if it is distinctive)
  • Search by the photographer’s last name
  • Spell the month out, rather than abbreviating it.
  • Boolean search operators may optimize your search.
  • Use the search navigation button which provides advanced features

Search term examples:


Alumni & 2013 (insert & and the year to refine results) Note that using “&” will yield different results than “and”


Cambridge skyline

Students Working





Students & 2014 (insert & and the year to refine results)




name of professor (i.e., Brynjolfsson)



Helpful Tips

Use the following operators to optimize your searches:

Use "&" to find images that contain both words:

image & photo

Use "|" to find images that contain either word:

image | photo

Use "-" to find images that contain "image" but not "photo"

image -photo

Use "(" and ")" to group parts of the search

(photo | photograph) image

Use quotes to match a phrase

"the best photo"

All of these may be combined

"the best photo" & (portrait | travel) photographer

Please note:

In order for the photo library to best serve the entire community, it has not been designed as an image archive to store every image. Please submit only your strongest and best quality images for use by the community and ensure that MIT Sloan has full ownership to use any submitted images. We’re happy to recommend alternative photo storage solutions for archiving images that fall outside of this criteria.

If you have any questions please use the Contact button above or email